Rail Infrastructure and more

Photon Products have been trusted for years by infrastructure operators in the transportation industry. They are known for their high quality and long life. The large spectrum of railway infrastructure includes products from rail clips to emergency call terminals and from cable cabinets to illuminated handrails for railway tunnels. It covers a wide range of applications in signalling, telecommunication and electrical energy systems (EEA). Assemblies and housings for telecommunication providers and network operators complete our portfolio. We have been a Q1 supplier to Deutsche Bahn since 2003.

Cabling components

Components for cabling, such as rail clips (SFK), exit derivations (SFA), rail foot feeders (SFZ), track feeders (GFZ) for axle counters and balises and railway apertures (GDF) ensure reliable fixation and secure guidance of signalling, connecting and telecommunication cables for railways. Photon components can be (dis)assembled without special tools and used without speed limits.

Distribution technology

Photon’s range of distribution technology is as diversified as the railway infrastructure. We have the adapted housing for the termination or distribution of railway cables in all control and signalling technology, telecommunication (TK) and 50 Hz applications, both indoor and outdoor. Well-dimensioned sizes and exchangeability of components enable a high level of planning security. Pre-installed distributors in assembly systems with optional accessories guarantee time savings during assembly.

Electrical energy systems (16.7 and 50 Hz)

Photon has also extended its portfolio in the 50 Hz electrical energy systems range over the past years.

Electric power charging stations for freight trains and terminal boxes for points heating and switch drives provide handy and smart solutions.

Telecommunication technology

Photon provides communication devices for telecommunication systems, including installation equipment for the rail network or in analogue or digital telephone networks. We have an extensive assortment of communication terminals and devices for analogue, GSM or Voice-over-IP technology, tested over decades, for installation on traffic routes, in train stations or (air)ports, in tunnels or on industrial sites, either in plastic or stainless steel, free-standing or wall-mounted.

Emergency and information terminals

The installation of emergency call terminals in free-standing or wall-mounted housing is absolutely necessary at many junctions. They give people a sense of security and help save lives. Photon has many years of experience in their development and production for a wide range of applications.

Tunnel equipment

High safety requirements in railway tunnels require special products withstanding high-speed trains for decades of use. Many successful reference projects (VDE8.1 and 8.2) certified by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) attest to the quality of Photon’s tunnel-specific wall mounting kits. The newly developed illuminated handrail (HiT), which has already been tested in a pilot project, is an attractive solution for efficient tunnel safety lighting that is easy to install and maintain.

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